Escape from London

T has finally arrived, and the trip has begun. First of all was the final watering of the plants and final check, for the nth time, to make sure all the documents were in place before finally walking out the door. It is a bit odd, to take one more look around the bedroom I won’t be using until April. And then to step into the steely outdoors, one last walk in the autumnal cold towards the tube station. There to find that the Piccadilly line is partially shut so please use the Heathrow Express from Paddington. And the Circle line had severe delays due to staff shortage, so my last journey through London was by bus.

Heathrow, actually a far more pleasant experience than expected to check in. Security check was easy enough. A poor man rushed back and forth pushing trays around in a Mr. Beanesque manner adding a little entertainment to the event. And now I sit in a surprisingly relaxed departure lounge with blue Christmas decorations illuminating the hall. So the next step is a 12 hour flight.

Huggosaurus at Heathrow Airport

This is the point to introduce you to my travelling companion. A little shy, but a caring creature. Here is a picture of the huggosauras who will join me in the trip. Caught sat atop the luggage (which sadly has no feet and will not follow me wherever I go) just prior to watching it disappear down the Black Conveyer of Opportunity, hopefully to be reunited in Hong Kong. Let the flight begin.

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