Christmas Eve in Brisbane

It is now the 24th of December and I have been in Australia for alomost a month. The family I am staying with have finished most of the preparations for tomorrow, the kids are in bed and I have sent emails back home to the family.

So far I have been to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, and for at least 50% of the time have had rain in each place. Seems everywhere I go I am told that it is unseasonally wet at the moment. I feel like hiring myself out as a rainmaker, cause it is following me around! The last two days were spent watching puring tropical rain in and around Noosa, usually the sun and holiday spot for people from Brisbane to visit for the holidays, though at the moment seems to have the potential to become the local swimming pool. It definately had the potential to be beautiful with forests and beaches galore. Had the sun come out. But, alas, this was not to be until sat on the train on the way back to Brisbane.

I am also in for a traditional Christmas here, which includes ham and turkey, though there may be a suprise appearance being made by some shrimp. Not exactly a BBQ on the beach, though both the ham and the turkeys were cooked on a Webster BBQ unit. Have to say they smell good.

So, 2 days of food and visitors and then off to Adelaide followed by a 2 day drive down the ocean road to stay with a friend in Melbourne before heading over to NZ. It could be worse!

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  1. Mangat Says:

    cool picsxxx


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