Sitting on a Brick

The modern world is an amazing place really. I type this sitting on a brick on a pavement in a suburb of Melbourne ‘borrowing’ someone’s internet signal. Sadly there is no street light nearby, so this is liable to be full of a number of typos as it is really quite dark. Thankfully the temperature has now dropped a little from the 42C it was earlier in the day.

It is now 2008, so Happy New Years to one and all. How did you spend yours? I had fun being taken to a party and knowing only one person there. We were provided with fantastic food, which continued to pass before us on a never ending conveyor belt as the hostess continued to circle with numerous changing plates of snacks.

First there were home made mince meat rolls with fine, flaky puff pastry and spiced meat, followed by samosas exquistetly filled with more spiced fillings. All was home made. Tiny bisquits with cheese and smoked salmon then paraded round the room. Next came tiger prawn tails fried in a variety of spices, oozing flavour and succulent. Small pita breads home baked with a ricotta cheese spread followed by fried BBQ style lamb cutlets and chicken wings. Then came the deserts… I think we managed to finish eating just in time to pop the poppers as midnight rolled by.

And throughout the evening the ladies experimented with a variety of cocktail recipies. Truly an evening to remember, let alone a New Years to remember. I have had a fantastic time in the last few days, seeing the Great Ocean Road and topping it off with this.

Just 2 more days and then off to New Zealand.

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