Goodnes Gracious Green Specks of Light

New Zealand is famous for many things, and one of them are the caves of glow worms. Green glow in the dark spots, tiny pin pricks on the cave walls. While there is not enough light to light up the cave, there are often enough of them to define the shape of the rocks. So the challenge was to find and photograph them. Never done that before, but it was worth a go. A cave in Waipu, North Island of New Zealand provided the opportunity. This is not a ‘tourist cave’, stuck about 20km from the nearest town down a windy and steep dirt track, with no guide or laid out path inside. But with camera, tripod and a brand new head torch brought an hour before we set out.

Down a muddy path into the darkness and through and along a stream to the glow worm chamber, with only our torches picking out parts of the cave as we made our way along. Then about 30 minutes playing around with different conditions to try to photograph them while standing in the same stream trying not to either slip over or knock the camera into the water. The result:  A panorama of Glow Worms.

Well take a look and decide if it was worth it. I said before that the worms do not provide enough light to show up the rock face. The images taken for this had a 30 second shutter delay, and I played torchlight over the walls of the cave to begin to pick out the rock, while it remained dark enough for the glow worm’s glow to still show through. I am pleased with the results, I think it is a pretty unique image, and not bad for a first time effort. Maybe one day I will get a second shot at it…

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One Response to “Goodnes Gracious Green Specks of Light”

  1. Joy Taylor Says:

    Wow, an amazing picture, even so i bet it doesnt do it justice! What an incredible experience.


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