Visiting the Googleplex

It was not possible for me to stay in Palo Alto, home to the Silicon Valley, and not visit a couple of the local ‘shrines’. One of these was Google HQ, known as the Googleplex as it is a conglomeration of separate buildings on a couple of blocks. Strictly this is in Mountainview, which is just south of Palo Alto itself. I took a couple of panoramas from there, which can be seen by following the links to the Googleplex HQ Panorama and the Beach Volleyball at Googleplex. In the latter one you may just about be able to make out the Google Dinosaur, a model of a T.Rex skeleton (or is this now the G.Rex). One wonders whether this is a warning to all the workers never to stand still and thus become extinct, or a subversive view that Google has of it’s competition.

The other is the Hewlet-Packard Garage, which stands on Addison Avenue, not far from Stanford University. The garage was set up by a Stanford Professor, Dr. Frederick Terman, who conceived the ‘Silicon Valley’ concept as a means for graduates to set up their own hi-tech companies in the area instead of leaving to go elsewhere. Little did he know…Or perhaps he did.

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