Story of Great Kindness

It is not often that a complete stranger does something so unexpected that you wonder how you managed to be on the receiving end of such kindness. I recently had an experience of this when visiting Mallorca in June 2009. Mallorca is well known for it’s beautiful beaches, but this story relates to one of the cave attractions, Coves de Campanet.

While there I went round the Coves de Campanet which contain some beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. The next day I returned to shoot this Coves de Campanet 360 panorama, taken inside the Romantic Chamber of the caves. It had taken about half an hour to do in the low light levels.

Coves De Campanet

Coves De Campanet

Then I mad a huge mistake. Having put the camera gear back in the hire car I closed the boot. Only to then realize that I had left the car keys inside. Along with all my money. And all documents.

The staff at the caves were very helpful, contacting the hire company, asking what could be done. The hire company insisted that I had to go to Palma Airport to pick up spare keys. A bit difficult with no money and no public transport!

Then the amazing happened. One of the workers simply handed over her car keys and allowed me to take it to the airport and back. And she had only known me for about half an hour. I mean, how often does that happen? Thanks to her kindness, this total nightmare was quickly turned into only a mild inconvenience and a bit of an adventure.

I very much doubt that I would have the same help from any of the larger caves on the island. Nor could I have wished for a better traveling companion, who considered the whole thing quiet exciting!

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