Pink Toes at Revive!

Every year Ichthus Christian Fellowship holds Revive!, a church camp at a beautiful country estate near Battle in the UK. Most of us camp on site, and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable week – especially if the weather is favourable. This year it was, with 2 blazing hot days resulting in numerous water fights.

Revive! 2008 Camping - 360 Panorama.

Revive! 2008 Camping - 360 Panorama.

For the last two years I volunteered to help out with Popcorn, the club run on site for children aged 5-10, giving the parents opportunities to attend the various meetings and seminars that happen during the week. It can be exhausting work, generally requiring naps to be taken in the afternoon.

What happens while sleeping...

This year, however, I learnt that it is wise to be aware of one’s friends while napping, as otherwise you might end up with Barbie Pink toenails…

Naturally, no-one on site had any varnish remover, though I am not convinced they were just hiding it. Oh well, no lasting damage done, but this will have to be remembered for next year…

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