Britains Reject Fracking but Government Persists

Anti-fracking protest

Anti-fracking protest

June 4 2014 and at the opening the Conservative Government demonstrate their determination to go against the wishes of most of the electorate by declaring that they intend to allow fracking companies to drill under people’s homes without permission.

If you are opposed to this then you can sign the Greenpeace anti-fracking petition.

While 74% of voters oppose fracking, the Government is determined to push ahead, thereby abandoning support for renewable energies in favour of fossil fuels. Obviously, the move is strongly supported by fossil fuel companies as “timely”. However, as has been pointed out by No Dash For Gas, there are serious concerns about the pursuit of fracking for the environment and public health.

As No Dash for Gas and Propublica point out, “in the US, where fracking has been underway for several years, the practice has been linked to water contamination, air pollution, and risks to local water supplies, with over 1000 leaks and spills reported in one year in North Dakota alone.” And it is acknowledged that the UK geology is much more complicated than that of the US shale beds. In addition, even the fracking companies acknowledge that fracking is not likely to reduce energy prices.

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