Who Will You Support in Fifa 2014 World Cup?

ABC Trust projects

ABC Trust

The Fifa 2014 World Cup started today. Yet behind the World Cup is another story, that of the nearly 10 million children at risk of being caught up in gangs, drug use and crack cocaine. Yet as the video below shows, for every 90-minute game of the tournament a child will be murdered. In fact, a child is killed every 90 minutes all throughout the day. Every day.

So, how about, this year, along with your team you choose to SUPPORT THE CHILDREN OF BRAZIL? In the UK a charity called ABC Trust (Action for Brazil’s Children) raises money to support and run projects among the poorest communities, often in the slums and favelas.

If you are in the UK you can donate £4 – by texting  “GOAL” to 70660

£4 is enough to provide 32 children with a safe place for a day in a project. Crack is endemic in most favelas, and for less than the price of a pint (in London) you can make a difference.

Tiffany Garside, the Chief Executive of ABC Trust says: “Our main concern is the invisibility of abuse suffered by children and young people in Brazil. The 2012 Map of Violence ( Brazilian Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences -FLACSO) show that, on average, every hour in Brazil a child or teenager is murdered. This is an alarming statistic, mostly relating to children in the poorest communities. We would like to see more support of services within these communities, that identify at risk children and protect and empower them. Brazil is suffering from a crack epidemic, as recognised by the Brazilian government. Drugs are an international problem with local children suffering the repercussions. So, we would call on the international community to support Brazil in addressing this issue.With violence and drugs on the increase, we can’t stop now. So when the ball leaves town, we will stay.”

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Instagram: @abc_trust

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