Gary Lineker Supports Street Kids in Brazil


Gary Lineker Supports ABC Trust

Gary Lineker Supports ABC Trust

Soon the FIFA 2014 World Cup will draw to a close. Over the past weeks many different aspects of Brazil have been explored. Among them are the thousands of children at threat of drugs and violence in many Brazilian cities. The media spotlight will move on, but ABC Trust (Action For Brazils Children) will not. They are committed to funding organisations helping provide these forgotten children find a better future, often using football as a means to engage with the children.

Gary Lineker is behind the actions of ABC Trust, and will be doing an appeal on Radio 4 on Sunday 13 July seeking to raise funds for their work. Tune in to listen to him talk about violence in Brazil and what ABC Trust is doing to create a Safer Future for children through football. In a recent Financial Times article, Tiffany Garside, chief executive of the ABC Trust says, “A lack of social and public support within communities contributes to a sense of invisibility which leads these young teenagers into the world of crime.”

You can help by raising awareness, send this tweet:

Click here to listen to @garylineker #R4Appeal for @abctrustuk on Sunday 13 July #worldcup

Or, better yet, donate. Text GOAL to 70660 and donate just £4

The World Cup will move on, but the work of ABC Trust is here to stay.

Follow ABC Trust on Twitter | Follow ABC Trust On Facebook | ABC Trust Films

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