Sumbission to God – A Kernel

In many Christian circles there seem to be two trains of thought on submission to God. One goes along the lines of ‘let go and let God’ and the other is ‘God will help those who help themselves’. Both are, I think, extremes. The concept of submission to God requires, it seems, both a letting go and a taking up.

Letting Go: I have to choose to leave behind those things that are not in the will of God. Sometimes these are practical things (like stopping stealing, lying, deceitful behavior etc), and at other times they are mindsets that can affect both others or myself (unforgiveness, hatred, judgments etc).

Picking Up: The second part is to pick up what is of God. Thus, stop stealing and get a job, do the right thing instead of the wrong. Lay aside hatred and forgive, love, my enemies.

Submission is never going to be a passive thing. The greatest things in the world are to ‘love the Lord you God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbour as yourself’. To do so means to submit to the requirements of love, and to find out what they really are and not just what I wish them to be. So doing also demands an active resistance of those things that oppose the will of God in my own life.

So, to submit to not stealing, I have to resist any urge to acquire things through false means.
To submit to loving others, I must resist all pressure towards hatred.

This is never going to be easy, but it can, step by step, be done.


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